SNACKLINS: Entering 2021 with a Refreshed Look and New Offerings!

The best businesses continually evolve to meet consumer preferences. And SNACKLINS, the better-for-you snack company, is no exception. When SNACKLINS launched in 2016, they had 3 flavors packaged in clear plastic bags stamped with a sticker. At Union Kitchen, they rebranded and continued growing nationally.


Since then, SNACKLINS has witnessed promising growth. As 2020 came to a close, SNACKLINS sought to maintain momentum going into 2021.  Founder Samy K said, “We are always in search of self-improvement and innovation. Part of this is elaborating on our story and when your brand is a snack chip in a noisy chip aisle, you have to find a way to tell your story and differentiate from the crowd. I don't think we'll ever be done evolving.”

Samy stayed true to his word. SNACKLINS has been busy innovating on all fronts, and enters the new year with:

  • A New Brand Identity!

  • A New E-commerce Website!

  • An Expansion of Product Offerings!

  • A New Flavor!

All of these changes reflect SNACKLINS’ commitment to making products that people want.  To reposition the brand, SNACKLINS relied heavily on consumer feedback. Their philosophy is, “Ground yourself in the consumer. Put them first. Ask them what they love about your product and what sets your product apart so the packaging will accurately reflect that and speak for itself on shelf.” 

People love the unique flavor and texture of SNACKLINS’ plant crisps, and SNACKLINS wanted a refreshed brand identity that emphasized these favored features. So, SNACKLINS partnered with Day Job, a creative agency based in Los Angeles, to bring its refreshed visual and digital identities to life. The new SNACKLINS brand system centers on a series of stylized mouth designs to emphasize consumers’ favorite aspects of the crisps.  “We believe the mouths illustrate the irresistible SNACKLINS crunch and flavor that compels you to Eat the Whole Bag!”, said SNACKLINS’ Marketing Manager Tess Cimini.

SNACKLINS mouth.png

With COVID-19’s impact on online shopping habits, SNACKLINS sought to improve their consumers’ online shopping experience by developing the brand’s digital identity. SNACKLINS’ updated website includes improved features such as customizable mix & match package options, greater interactivity, and customer reviews that create a seamless purchasing experience. 

The changes keep coming with SNACKLINS’ expansion of product offerings and introduction of a new flavor. The brand now offers a multi-serve pack size with 3oz bags so consumers can taste all of SNACKLINS’ unique flavors.! The brand also introduced its new Teriyaki flavor to complete its lineup of flavors that are both delicious and free of the most common allergens.

Change can be hard, even for a seasoned snack company like SNACKLINS. They encountered  “a million little challenges” while revamping their brand, from aligning packaging to determining box measurements. “With persistence, patience and passion (unintended alliteration),” Tess said, “we made it across the finish line!” 

SNACKLINS’ hard work has paid off. The company expects revenues to triple in 2020 and recently doubled the size of its production facility to meet increased consumer demand.  SNACKLINS CEO Kevin Blesy said, “With the release of our new branding, website and products, we feel like we finally have the identity and offerings to match our values and key attributes. We’re thrilled to see where this journey will take us in 2021 and beyond.”

SNACKLINS’ new single and multi-serve offerings are available exclusively on The new packaging will make its retail debut on Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Whole Foods shelves in Q1, offering the full flavor lineup in 3oz bags.