When You Need More than Just a Bite: Introducing the Mighty Bite

When it comes to innovating new products, Dan Berg, founder and CEO of Berg Bites, is no stranger to the process. Dan founded his healthy bite company while in college, and took the company through many phases and iterations as it grew into the brand that it is today. After some in-depth research and development, Dan launched a rebrand of his beloved Berg Bites earlier this year. But the R&D didn't stop there. Dan recognized that there was room to keep growing his product line, and is excited to launch a very special product unlike anything the brand has done before.

Dan grew up in NYC an active kid, constantly playing sports and being active with friends, his energy fueled by his family's recipe for a nutritious snack bite (what is now known as the Berg Bite). What Dan didn't realize until he was older is that the alternatives were packed with sugar and creating bad habits for young consumers. While in college, he decided to combine his entrepreneurial spirit and his family's delicious recipe, and Berg Bites was born. Dan very quickly found success, placing in the finals of The George Washington University New Venture Competition, one of the largest collegiate new venture competitions in the country. Dan was balancing the responsibilities of being a full-time student and running a rapidly growing food startup. When it was time for graduation, Dan decided to go all in and joined Union Kitchen.

At Union Kitchen, Dan was able to use the space for research and development, so he could make slow and smart decisions about what ways to grow his business. While Dan was scaling up his business, another DMV born company was growing. Founded in 2015 by two fitness professionals and a classically trained chef, MightyMeals believes high-quality, healthy food should be accessible to everyone. The Burke, VA company provides a convenient, healthy meal delivery service made with locally sourced ingredients by chefs, offering a wide array of meals on a menu that changes weekly. Their mission is to empower people to live healthier lives by being the leading provider of healthy, high-quality, locally sourced, chef-prepared meals that are delivered to their customers.

Recognizing a collection of shared goals, MightyMeals and Berg Bites teamed-up to bring their customers the ultimate high protein cookie, The Mighty Bite. With only 1 gram of natural sugar and 16 grams of plant protein, this delicious grab-and-go snack provides a healthy energy boost and will satisfy any sweet tooth without the glucose spike. The Mighty Bite delivers long-term energy with complex carbohydrates from heart-healthy oats, essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds, and coconut oil, and prebiotic fiber for gut health.

Free from preservatives, The Mighty Bite is made with clean, raw ingredients, ensuring that you are getting an incredibly nutrient-dense product that also tastes great. Two different varieties are currently being offered, Almond Butter Banana Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate, both made with premium, all-natural, dark chocolate. Be sure to add one to your next MightyMeals order today, or grab your Mighty Bite in Union Kitchen stores. It just may become your new favorite snack while you’re on the go!