Pinsa.Love: Shaking up the frozen pizza aisle

If you ever meet Jordan Fainberg, founder of frozen pizza brand, he will probably introduce himself saying, “Hi, I am Jordan and I LOVE PIZZA”.  And who doesn’t like pizza? But Jordan distinguished himself as a true pizza connoisseur by journeying to the land where pizza was both invented and perfected - Italia!

Two years ago, Jordan discovered a different style of pizza during a trip to Italy. He has worked in the food business since he was 14 years old, but he had never encountered an Italian pinsa - an airy, cloud-like crust that is simultaneously thick yet light. He loved the crust, and knew Americans would too.  He considered opening an authentic pinsa pizzeria of his own back home in Washington D.C. 

Jordan put that idea on the back burner until July 2020. By then, the pandemic had forced many restaurants and small businesses to close. Opening a pizzeria became unlikely, and so did going out for pizzeria-quality pizza. He wanted to eat delicious, authentic pizza at home but did not want to resort to the limited selection of the frozen pizza aisle. So, Jordan created Pinsa.Love to introduce authentic, delicious Italian pizza that you can cook at home and enjoy just as much as if you were eating an Italian pizza on a hillside in Tuscany.


At first, Jordan’s goal to provide pizzeria-quality pizza in your home proved daunting. He had only experienced pinsa in a ready-to-eat format made by expert Italian pizza makers.  Jordan not only had to master the pinsa-making process - a 72-hour fermentation period carried out at a precise temperature to ensure perfect structure and air bubbles - but he had to make it frozen.  His Italian friends at the pizzeria laughed at the idea, claiming a frozen pinsa could not be done. 

After a few months of R&D at Union Kitchen, Jordan proved them wrong. Not only has Jordan created a delicious frozen pinsa pizza that can be cooked and eaten at home, but he has maintained the Italian authenticity of the toppings too! launches its Classic Pinsa, which features the Pinsa Crust topped with San Marzano Tomatoes, Ricotta, Parmesan, and Whole Milk Mozzarella, in Union Kitchen Stores throughout the city! Jordan’s additional flavor varieties, all of which are inspired by the pizzeria he visited in Italy, can be found and ordered directly through Pinsa.Love’s website.

Pinsa Whitebox.jpg

Jordan describes each of his pinsa crusts as a blank canvas: “Each one is a little different, but they all taste great.” Stop by our Stores to try one for yourself because, as Jordan says, “You deserve to be excited about what is in your freezer!”