Shoot your shot with Favor’s new Turmeric & Tart Cherry Restore shot!

Want to do yourself a favor? Shoot your shot with Favor’s new Turmeric & Tart Cherry Restore shot! Ben Wheeler, founder and CEO of Favor, is excited to announce the launch of Favor’s fourth flavor of wellness shot. The Turmeric and Tart Cherry shot is an exciting launch for Favor, as it rounds out his third wellness category in his shot line up: Restore. With the addition of this category, the functional wellness brand now offers three key categories of shots designed to be taken throughout the day. These include Energy, Wellness, and Restore. 

Ben launched Favor launched two years with the mission to make a better tasting apple cider vinegar (ACV) shot. Rooted in his own personal belief in the power of ACV, Ben wanted to make this powerful healing ingredient more accessible by making it not only delicious but also easy to consume. This is how the idea for the three categories of shots was born. 

Since the initial launch, Favor has evolved into a brand delivering straightforward shots with real ingredients and truthful benefits. The three categories, Energy, Wellness, and Restore reflect the simplicity and portability of the product. 

The road to launching the Turmeric & Tart Cherry Restore shot was not without its challenges. In developing this healing shot, Ben wanted all of the functionality offered by the tart cherry and turmeric without compromising on taste. Once he pinpointed the functional ingredients he wanted to include in his shot dedicated to recovery and restoration, the next focus was on formulation. Ben used the scientific approach of testing hypotheses to determine the perfect formulation for launch. At each step in the process he faced challenges, but he preserved until he reached a product he was content with. 

Ben reflects on his journey as an entrepreneur and feeling the effects of imposter syndrome along the way. Ben overcomes these feelings by reminding himself that the more you do anything, the better you become at it. Ben’s piece of advice for budding CPG entrepreneurs? 

“If you put it in the time and do your own research, you’ll be able to figure it out.” Ben adds that if you are passionate and put in the work you will be able to overcome any of the obstacles that arise while running your business. Ben has sharpened his entrepreneurial skills since launching his company two years ago and continues to focus on building Favor into a national brand. 

The Turmeric & Tart Cherry Restore Shot is made of five simple ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Tart Cherry Juice, Organic Turmeric Root Powder, Magnesium Carbonate, and Organic Black Pepper. The shot is good for overall recovery including benefits like improved joint mobility, anti-inflammation, and improved exercise performance. Ben says this is the perfect shot to take post-workout or at the end of a long day. 

As for what’s next in the Favor pipeline? Ben says Favor is always doing R&D in addition to expanding online sales and building out his sales in retail chains across the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. 

So, what are you waiting for? Jog over to your nearest Union Kitchen store to pick up a Favor Turmeric & Tart Cherry Restore Shot. It’ll be the perfect recovery elixir from the run over!