Revol Snax Launches Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

To eat or not to eat cookie dough. We have all been tempted by the aroma of unbaked batches of the doughy goodness, risking a stomachache. Revol Snax’s new flavor launch, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites, has solved this dilemma. The bonus? A healthier option that is sugar-free, low-carb and made with high quality ingredients (think organic coconut that is high in MCTs), without sacrificing the soft and gooey texture of a classic treat. The bites also include a creamy vanilla cashew filling that packs an extra punch.

Revol Snax’s cookie bites line was released in 2020, and has since found critical success. This new flavor is an exciting expansion of their cookie bites line. Current flavors also include Matcha Latte, Snickerdoodle, Dark Chocolate and Almond and Double Dark Chocolate.

After meeting in Washington DC in 2014, Nadine Calderon and Dave Birsen, discovered their shared love for food and nutrition. This passion led them to co-found Revol Snax, focusing on providing on-the-go keto, paleo and plant-based snack options to consumers.

Both founders started out as young entrepreneurs. Nadine grew up in Columbia, and opened a hair salon at her school playground at age 6! She graduated with a degree in industrial engineering and moved to Washington DC in 2014, where she became a certified yoga instructor. Dave grew up in a small town in Ohio and played sports throughout high school and college. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an M.S. in biomedical engineering in 2014, and worked full-time at the FDA from 2014-2019. He later stepped away to build up Revol Snax and pursue the entrepreneurial journey.

The company has gone through various iterations of product launches, and prides themselves on owning their manufacturing process and investing in their own production team. This was not without a challenge, albeit a small one, as Nadine and Dave worked to finalize the production for the new flavor.

They found that the machinery they used to produce the bites has very small passageways that will prevent the solid chunks of chocolate chips from passing through. While the dough came out, all the chocolate chips were stuck in the middle of the machine! The challenge became about sourcing small enough chocolate chips to pass through the machinery. Eventually through the right supplier, they found the right sized chocolate chips. All they had to do afterwards was replace a few nozzles in the machine to finalize the production.

Dave enforced that “the size of the chocolate chip has a big impact on the flavor and taste.” Nadine also added that “the production is always the challenge. We do multiple iterations and small batches until we get the recipe right. Which is pretty much like recreating the recipe from zero.” This new flavor was made possible through various iterations of problem solving and a commitment to creating the best recipes for consumers. We are so happy that Revol Snax has added this new flavor for many to enjoy.

You can purchase the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor on the Revol Snax website, and their other flavors in stores all across the U.S, including our Union Kitchen Store.