PRESS RELEASE: Union Kitchen Joining Good Food Merchants Collaborative

Release Date: December 14, 2022


Washington, DC. — Union Kitchen is proud to officially join the Good Food Merchants Collaborative (GFMC). The Collaborative provides outstanding support to a community of the United States’ independently owned retailers. GFMC is helping build American food producers and growing these shops all over the nation. This collaborative supports unique and exciting product assortments while building lasting relationships.

“We are thrilled to be joining this collaborative.” stated Union Kitchen’s Vice President, Elena Rosenblum, “Connecting with fellow markets and shops around the country that are passionate about building local food businesses will be immensely rewarding.”

The Good Food Merchants Collaborative provides Union Kitchen with a strong membership community of unique retailers, with opportunities to collaborate and support one another. With a combined passion and commitment for an ever-evolving food system, the growing membership base is a diverse group of businesses committed to the mission of the Collaborative. Union Kitchen will join the group in providing leadership for retailers across the country and contributing to the good food movement. Union Kitchen hopes to continue the efforts of the group sustaining the projects that are important to helping local food systems grow and thrive.

Union Kitchen is thrilled to add this membership to their efforts of investing in local food businesses, through the events and community accessed through the Good Food Merchants Collaborative. The on-site visits, retreats, and mentorship will support Union Kitchen’s goal of building successful food businesses.

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Union Kitchen is a Food Business Accelerator + Series A Investment Fund. We build successful food businesses by bringing together our Accelerator with access to our Kitchen, Distribution, and Stores. Union Kitchen has worked with numerous food and beverage businesses since 2012, including over 150 Accelerator members. These businesses have created over $350 million of revenue collectively, opened over 50 storefronts and manufacturing facilities, and created well over 1,000 jobs