Union Kitchen Partners with OurStreets to Provide Real-Time Inventory Information

The OurStreets Supplies update to the OurStreets app is now available for iPhone in the Apple App Store and Android via an over the air update.

Download from the App Store.

Download from the Google Play store for and then follow the instructions below.

Completely open and close the app using the app switcher. You’ll know you’ve completely closed the app when you see the loading screen after re-opening. If it doesn’t work, rinse and repeat. Watch a 10 second how-to video here.

What is OurStreets Supplies?? Learn more below:

We’re proud to launch an exciting new tool in response to our current public health crisis, and we need your help — now you can use OurStreets to track and report essential supplies at neighborhood stores, letting your neighbors know what’s available and making shopping trips more efficient to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The app is simple: an interface for shoppers and retailers to see and share what’s available at stores near them. Users can report the availability of items like toilet paper, soap and sanitizers, and fresh produce. These community-driven reports are searchable so you’ll always know where you can find what you need.

Because OurStreets Supplies users can see what’s in stock at neighborhood stores, they make only necessary trips to stores that are well-stocked with essentials, enabling better social distancing and minimizing the risk of exposure for retail workers. 
Retailers and municipal partners also benefit from OurStreets Supplies.

Businesses can ensure stocked shelves and keep their employees safe by communicating what’s available ahead of time, and municipal partners gain insights into demand and shortages across communities, empowering legislators to make changes to policy and enforcement to make sure constituents have access to the basic goods they need to survive.

To aid in the launch of OurStreets Supplies, we’re also announcing two key partnerships:

Data Society, a data science education company, is lending their expertise in analysis and data validation

Union Kitchen is a food business accelerator. We build successful food businesses that launch locally, grow regionally, and scale nationally. Since launching, we've worked with over 500 businesses, including Snacklins, Compass Coffee, EAT Pizza, and Caribe Juice.

Together, we can make it easier and safer for our communities to get the essential goods they need.

Check out how it works in the video below and help your neighbors find what they need! Together, we can amplify people power for healthier cities.

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