8 Myles Mac n' Cheese Hits Target Shelves

On April 3rd, Myles Powell took to Instagram to make an exciting announcement; his product, 8 Myles’ Mac and Cheese, is now available in select Target stores! 

First released in February of 2018 with the help of Union Kitchen’s Accelerator Program, 8 Myles’ Mac and Cheese is sold in over 70 different accounts, including Whole Foods Market, Balducci/Kings, and now Target. Consumers across the mid-Atlantic are falling in love with the high-quality comfort food, as well as the convenience of 8 Myles. 

Myles’ story begins in his childhood home. Growing up, Myles’ family raised him on homemade comfort food, including mac and cheese, that would one-day inspire him to make the leap into the food industry. After graduating as a civil engineer, Myles decided that his true passion lay in food. Like many young entrepreneurs, Myles felt a calling outside the traditional path. “I love a challenge and what’s more challenging then starting and running your own business?” Myles shared. In March of 2016, Myles unveiled his first product, a line of gourmet sauces. For nearly two years, Myles spent most of his time marketing his gourmet sauce business, even appearing on Food Network’s “America’s Best Cook”. 

However, this would change in January of 2018, when Myles joined Union Kitchen and decided he wanted to make a product that was even more accessible and convenient than a line of sauces: frozen mac and cheese. Recognizing the need for a high quality comfort food and in a convenient package, Myles turned his attention to making a mac ‘n cheese that would match the cheesy food of his childhood. “I understand the importance of quality comfort food and the emotional impact that comes with its indulgence,” Myles says. “In our busy lives, not only do we want convenience, we want real quality ingredients.” In February of 2018, Myles turned his family recipe into a line of frozen Mac ‘N Cheese. Consumers quickly fell in love with the delicious meals, and 8 Myles Mac ‘N Cheese began to pop up in stores across the DMV. 8 Myles offers three Mac ‘N Cheese flavors: Three Cheese, BBQ, and Buffalo.

The idea of getting a product into a store like Target might seem like an impossible feat for many young entrepreneurs. However, Myles Powell is proof that it is possible to achieve success with grit, determination, a little bit of luck, and a product people want. Head on down to Target and see why everyone loves 8 Myles Mac ‘N Cheese.

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