Pastry Chef puts New Spin on Brownies

Not all brownies are created equal. Some swear by the corner piece, others the middle one. Some prefer a cakey brownie, others want gooey goodness. Gelila Mulugetta, founder of G Brownies, makes brownies that everyone can get behind. 

Since she was eight years old, Gelila was passionate about pastries and loved putting her own twists on traditional recipes. Brownies were a staple in Gelila’s household, but she always found herself adding additional ingredients to the mix to spice things up. After years of leveling up traditional brownie-mix, Gelila decided to commercialize her unique brownies by starting her own business, G Brownies. Gelila is living out her dream of providing brownies with a twist to the public

G Brownies Trio.png

Gelila formerly worked as a pastry chef in Charlotte, North Carolina before moving to Washington, D.C. to build G Brownies through Union Kitchen’s Accelerator. Pastry has always been Gelila’s passion, but she wanted to express that passion in new ways. After working for a small business in a small town for many years, Gelila was ready for a bold venture. 

Gelila decided to transition from fresh to packaged brownies because she saw an opportunity to reach many more consumers. And she is right! (Read our resource on 3 Reasons Packaged Products are the Way to Build a Successful Food Business!). Gelila stumbled upon Union Kitchen while exploring options, and believed the Accelerator and Washington, D.C. offered the right market for building a successful packaged good company. 

Since moving to D.C. to participate in the Accelerator, Gelila has made the most of her opportunities! She had no prior knowledge of the packaged goods industry, but quickly learned how to package products, build her brand’s identity, and pitch retailers. When asked what challenged her most during the launch process, Gelila answered, “I wouldn’t say anything was challenging. It was all a learning experience for me.” 

G Brownies are now sold in Union Kitchen Stores throughout the city. Three G Brownies’ flavors - Chocolate Hazelnut, The Peanut Butter Fluff, and Lemon White Chocolate - are offered in our Stores. While Chocolate Hazelnut is the fan-favorite, we assure you that each G Brownie flavor accomplishes Gelila’s mission to “bring happiness through baking.”