Meet the Maker: Samy K, Snacklins

Samy Kobrosly // Snacklins

Former DJ and Radio Host

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Meet Samy. Samy is a former DJ and radio host born and raised in Iowa. He founded Snacklins in 2016.

Snacklins started, as all great stories, in the basement of a bar with a group of friends. Samy was dared to make a vegan pork rind. What started out as a joke, quickly became an obsession. Samy started testing out different recipes and product techniques. He devoured whatever he could get his hands on to learn more about food production. What resulted was the first-ever Snacklin, a puffy, crispy chip made from yuca, mushroom, and onion. People loved the flavor, the crunch, and the fact that, at 80-calories for the whole bag, it was guilt-free.

Snacklins is now available nationwide in more than 1000 stores, including 7-11, Whole Foods Market, and WalMart. They’ve built out their own production facility and a team of 20.

“We want to take snacking moments from dull, complacent, and boring to fun and adventurous. We want people to enjoy that escape from routine through a kick of flavor.”

- Samy K

Major Milestones