Meet the Maker: Margarita Womack, MASPanadas


Margarita Womack / MasPanadas

Scientist and MBA, Founder of MasPanadas

Maspanadas was born from the fusion of academics, passion, and love. A scientist and MBA student with three active children, founder Margarita was looking for a nutritious meal on the go that she could feel good about serving her family and herself. 

Margarita grew up in Colombia playing in the kitchen with her father – the owner of a restaurant featuring typical Colombian food.  She loved the tastes, smells, and textures of food. She loved testing and tweaking recipes until she got it just right. 


Food just makes me happy. I enjoy food before I even get it in my mouth. A good dish should be like art - beautiful to look at, tell you something about the person that made it, and inspire you. Then eating is an absolutely hedonistic thing in my opinion: sheer pleasure.

- Margarita Womack


While earning her PhD in Biology at Princeton University, Margarita met her husband, Andy, a foodie himself. Now they are raising their three boys while keeping up with busy professional lives. Finding a healthy but tasty family meal to fit in between business calls, soccer games, and carpools was a challenge.  With Margarita’s Latin cooking background, her experience as a biologist, and a family more than eager to taste test her creations, she created “Maspanadas” to bring healthier, convenient Latin food to people on the go.

Major Milestones

Since those early recipe testing days, Margarita has opened her own factory, rolled out across the Mid-Atlantic in MOMs Organic and Whole Foods Market, and is preparing for national expansion in early 2020.