Maspanadas Onboards With Costco And Hello Fresh!

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member Maspanadas, founded by Margarita Womack is GROWING! Margarita has officially onboarded with Costco and Hello Fresh, adding to the list of well known retailers selling Maspanadas nationwide including Whole Foods, Target, and Sprouts. Her commitment to owning manufacturing and taking a phased approach to growth has led to sustained success since the launch of Maspanadas with the Union Kitchen Accelerator in 2020. Maspanadas can now be found in over 2,000 stores nationwide! 

Margarita is not only just an experienced entrepreneur, and an empanada powerhouse, but also has a PhD from Princeton University in Biology and an MBA from Georgetown University. By leveraging the Union Kitchen Ecosystem and working diligently with our team, Margarita was able to take an idea and turn it into a market ready product. Leveraging that very same Ecosystem, Margarita was able to dominate the regional market, own her own manufacturing, and scale to a national level.

Margarita became a manufacturing expert in our shared kitchen. She took this knowledge and opened her own production facility in Maryland (with facility number two already in the works). Owning her manufacturing from the beginning allowed Margarita to be agile, adapt to the market, and control her process and in turn the destiny of her brand. In time, this led to her turning stronger margins and achieving  profitability faster than most. At the same time she is helping to support her community by keeping manufacturing local! 

Maspanadas is constantly reaching new customers as they continue to expand their reach, now with a store count of over 2,000 stores nationwide! Margarita is a shinning example of how a commitment to  a phased approach to growth and owning manufacturing ensures you are making things people want, and builds a brand to last!