Margarita Womack, Founder Of Maspanadas, Keynote Speaker At Diamond Challenge Summit

Margarita Womack, Union Kitchen Accelerator Member and founder of Maspanadas, was a keynote speaker at the 2023 Diamond Challenge Summit, reaching the ears of over 1,500 inspiring young entrepreneurs! Her story stands as an inspiration to others looking to follow in her footsteps. In her own words, "The most rewarding bit from speaking at the Diamond Challenge Summit - talking to young women of color looking to succeed as entrepreneurs".

Margarita's journey began when she was looking for a solution to feed her growing (and very busy) family. Frustrated with the lack of options, Margarita decided to create her own! Her yummy empanadas quickly became a hit within her family, and she saw an opportunity to share her creations with others.

Through her hard work with Union Kitchen, Margarita transitioned from a catering company to a consumer packaged goods (CPG) business, launching Maspanadas as a brand known for its high-quality ingredients and authentic recipes. By leveraging the Union Kitchen Accelerator and Ecosystem Margarita was able to take an idea and turn it into a market ready product. Leveraging that very same Ecosystem Margarita was able to dominate the regional market, own her own manufacturing, and scale to a national level. The demand for her empanadas grew rapidly, and Margarita's commitment to providing delicious and nutritious meals has led to the development of an empanada empire that is now valued at $15 million.

Recently, Maspanadas closed a successful $1.5 million seed round, attracting investors who recognized the brand's potential to revolutionize the frozen food industry. With this funding, Maspanadas is opening its second production facility in Rockville, which will triple its production capacity and allow the brand to meet the increasing demand across the country.

Margarita's success story and her commitment to quality have made her a super star in the entrepreneurship space. She was invited to speak at the Diamond Challenge Summit, a prestigious three-day conference that celebrates and empowers high school students with entrepreneurial aspirations. Margarita's journey resonated deeply with the young attendees, who were inspired by her passion, resilience, and creative approach to business.

The Diamond Challenge Summit marked the culmination of a year-long entrepreneurship competition, where students 1,609 from 39 countries and 30 states presented their solutions to pressing global challenges. Margarita, alongside Myles Powell, a fellow Union Kitchen Accelerator member and founder of Myles Comfort Foods, participated as a judge in the competition. Double trouble with this Union Kitchen power duo! Their presence created an atmosphere of collaboration and mentorship, encouraging the young entrepreneurs to embrace the challenges of entrepreneurship.