Ignite Bar rebrands with new packaging!

Ignite Bars are designed to pull away from the conventional high-sugar snack bars that overwhelm modern American diet and fail to deliver the nutrition our bodies need. Ignite’s peanut butter crunch bars are irresistible to the tongue, with a candy-bar feel taste and texture. With 15g protein, an unbeatable 2-3g of sugar, and killer new packaging, there is no better bar out there.

Ignite Bar’s Founder, Nik, has always had a passion for nutrition and fitness. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Nik had to stick to a limited diet and found herself missing her favorite snack foods. Her experience, and her belief that we live in a world where dieting, restriction and clean eating are becoming trendy to an unhealthy degree, led to her creation of Ignite Bar.  

“We are taught to buy into the pressure, "drink the Koolaide" jump on the newest diet trend and completely vilify completely nutritious ingredients, because, well, the creator tells us to - and us, as the consumers, want to feel like we are part of the movement. This common mindset continues to grow and leads to unhealthy relationships with food groups, chronic dieting and disordered behaviors.” - Nik

The mission of Ignite Bars is to combat that restrictive mindset - our goal is to spark your pallet with a fun, guilt-free snack food that you can look forward to eating every day! With 3 sinfully delicious flavors and 2g of sugar per bar, we welcome you to INDULGE ANYTIME. 

Ignite’s Peanut Butter Crunch Bars are available in 3 Flavors: Salted Chocolate Sunflower, Caramel Coconut Chia, and Double Peanut Butter Hemp. The bars are available for order on their website and will soon be available in Union Kitchen Grocery!

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