Clark's Cubes Available on Amazon

Clark’s Cubes isn’t wasting any time (or plastic) to ensure everyone can enjoy their sustainable coffee and tea cubes. Clark’s Cubes is launching on Amazon, so anyone and everyone will be able to enjoy convenient, waste-free coffee and tea.

Founder, Chris Clark launched Clark’s Cubes because he enjoyed the convenience of single-serve coffee options but hated the waste it created. Chris spent months experimenting. He was determined to combine convenience with taste.

... And thus was created Clark's Cubes, an on-the-go tea and coffee option without the mess or waste.

Fast forward and Clark’s Cubes are now sold in over 50 stores across the Mid-Atlantic, including: Whole Foods Market, Union Kitchen Grocery, and Balducci’s. You can also purchase them on their website, and of course, Amazon. Be sure to check out Clark’s Cubes website if you want to learn more about the founder and the Cubes!

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