1790 Brings Specialty Mexican Coffee To The Shelves of Whole Foods Market

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member 1790 Coffee is onboarding with Whole Foods Market! While living in Mexico, the De La Peña Gonzalez family quickly fell in love with coffee. They especially loved the chocolate and nutty notes that are unique to Mexican specialty coffee. When they moved to Washington D.C, the De La Peña Gonzales’ realized there was a gap in the US marketplace - there was no high-quality Mexican coffee to be found! Thus 1790 Coffee was born and has been growing ever since. 

Coffee plants arrived to Mexico by way of Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Mexican specialty coffee and its production processes have been passed down from generation to generation for over two centuries. While living in Mexico, the 1790 team learned the art of harvesting coffee beans from these same families with centuries of coffee manufacturing experience. 

Today, 1790 continues to work closely with the best coffee plantations in mountainous regions of Mexico, including Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Puebla. Coffee beans grown at high altitudes have a slower growth cycle and better drainage due to the elevation. In the mountainous regions, shade-grown methods are used, which gives the coffee beans a slower maturation process, developing the natural sugars and resulting in more complex flavor profiles. The 1790 Coffee team is proud to work with coffee plantations that are certified organic, free from synthetic chemicals, and use sustainable fair trade practices.

After launching in 2019, 1790 has been hustling to grow sales and build relationships in the regional market. Onboarding with Whole Foods Market is a big milestone for the family run business, as they will be able to reach a broader customer base through a large and reputable retailer. 1790 is following in the footsteps of many of Union Kitchen Accelerator Members who have onboarded with Whole Foods, such as Compass Coffee and Snacklins, both of which are valued at over $10 million. Onboarding with a retailer as large and well known as Whole Foods Market is an important milestone for 1790 and is signaling that their are entering a new and exciting phase of growth.