Fava Food's New 4lbs Tub of Hummus

Fava Foods is proud to introduce their new food service red pepper hummus. What exactly does this entail? How does 4LBs of roasted, red-pepper hummus sound? Perfect for delis and restaurants of all sizes, your business will finally have enough of Fava Food’s delicious hummus to feed all your hungry customers.

Fava Food makes a promise that every batch of their hummus will live up to the company’s mission. Looking to “manufacture unique and delicious Mediterranean foods”, Fava Food uses only fresh, high-quality ingredients. This means eschewing the preservatives often found in many brands of hummus. Fava Food swears to remain true to their promise of high quality for every container, both big and small, that they make. Additionally, those with sesame allergies will be pleased to hear that all of Fava Food’s hummus is sesame free. 

A relatively new company, Fava Foods got its start in 2018 in Northern Virginia. Founder of Fava Foods, Mohammad Sidky, proudly states that, “the family was the inspiration, motivation and the purpose behind Fava Foods.” Due to his unfortunate sesame allergy, Mohammad’s son wasn’t able to enjoy many of the traditional Middle Eastern dishes that his family loved to make. Wanting his son to take part in their family’s traditions, Mohammad looked for an alternative, sesame-free dish. However, with sesame being a common ingredient in many Middle Eastern dishes, this was no easy task.

Fortunately, Mohammad was able to work around this. After some experimentation, Mohammad found the right combination of ingredients to produce a sesame-free, high-quality hummus with traditional flavors.  Now, Mohammad’s son, as well as anyone with a sesame allergy, can enjoy hummus.

Restaurants looking to serve Fava Food’s delicious hummus can find their food-service hummus on their website. We don’t recommend individuals try to consume that entire tub of hummus by themselves, tempting as it might be. Luckily, you can also purchase 8 oz containers on their website and in Union Kitchen stores. Available flavors include jalapeno, original, and roasted red pepper. Yum!

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