Why We Can't Get Over Swizzler's New Retail Fries!

What’s the perfect side dish to a great hot dog? French fries of course! Whether it’s at the ballpark or a BBQ at home, there’s nothing like a tasty side of fries. It makes complete sense then that Swizzler, known for their amazing all american eats, is launching a line of fries. Swizzler’s fries will be available in: Sea Salt, Rosemary Garlic, and Chesapeake Bay. Anyone familiar with Swizzler can probably feel their mouth starting to water already.

Swizzler, founded by Jesse Konig and Ben Johnson during their college days at Wake Forest University, have been running two food trucks for the past six years that specialize in everyday american eats, including hamburgers, hot dogs, and, of course, french fries! As Jesse puts it, “It’s fun nostalgic foods without the mystery meat.” Along with launching retail fries, the Swizzler team is in the process of opening their first retail location in Navy Yard. Two exciting - and tasty! - milestones. 

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How did Ben and Jesse go from two college kids to building an all american eats empire in DC?

After graduation, Jesse and Ben relocated the business to DC, Ben’s hometown. They bought their first food truck in October 2014 and started selling their specialty dogs. With many eager requests from hungry customers, the Swizz team expanded their menu to include burgers and fries. They realized, through these daily interactions with customers, that there was a huge opportunity to reclaim american eats. Why does eating fast food have to leave you with that hangover feeling? “We believe that fast food can be a force for good. Our purpose is to share the joys of fast food, while leaving people and the planet for better. We aim to raise the bar for fast food: we call it Real American Eats,” as explained on the Swizzler site.

With all of this in mind, the line of retail fries had to match their mission of Real American Eats. The ingredients needed to meet their meticulous sourcing standards. The taste had to hold up so that the fries are as good as if you were to get them straight from the truck. And the flavors - the flavors needed to redefine what’s possible when making frozen fries at home.  

Jesse and Ben, returning to their happy place, spent countless hours taking notes, tweaking, and adjusting the recipes before finding the perfect blend of ingredients. Lucky for the Union Kitchen team, this meant a lot of delicious taste tests. 

As you plan your bbq with Swizzler hot dogs this summer, make sure to save room for the Swizz fries. Crafted locally and made with fresh Idaho potatoes, these fries, no matter the flavor, are the perfect side dish. Find all three flavors: Sea Salt, Rosemary Garlic, and Chesapeake Bay, at Union Kitchen and online.

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