Farm + Muse is Back With Not Your Mother's Spice Blends!

Get ready for even bigger flavor coming your way, brought to you by Farm + Muse! When starting her brand, Regina Watson had one mission in mind: “to connect people to food and vibrant fun in delicious ways”. Farm + Muse products are curated blends of delicious ingredients. Regina is always looking to expand her selection, which is why she is launching two new products: Onion of My Dreams and Not Your Mother’s

Farm + Muse believes food is something everyone should be able to enjoy without limitations, which is why they launched their first salt-free spice: Not Your Mother’s. This spice is a modern twist on traditional salt-free blends on the market. When making this, Regina kept in mind the consumers who need to keep their sodium levels on the lower side. The blend of coriander, cayenne, rosemary, tied together by a lemon essence provides consumers with a fresh and herbal flavor experience. Regina loves to combine this spice with dips, especially guacamole.

Regina’s light and airy Onion of My Dreams spice compliments almost any savory dish, especially salmon and potatoes. Regina says the feedback she receives from this spice is phenomenal. “Customers tell me that they cannot live without it,” Regina recalls. Onion of My Dreams is one of her favorite spices to make and compares it to “making a cloud”. Onion of My Dreams is one of her most versatile spices that will be a fan-favorite at parties!

Something you may not know about Farm + Muse is their involvement with other Accelerator brands. Regina has collaborated with Cured + Crisp and Stone’s Throw Hash in efforts to provide customers with the most fresh and local taste. Regina enjoys working with these brands because she thinks there is something really special about being a part of their journeys, and them being a part of hers. 

As for what is next for Farm + Muse, Regina has a few exciting plans in the works. She is planning to add a sifter to her jars, which will give customers peace of mind when adding their desired spice quantity to their meals. Regina also plans on adjusting the shape of her jars to be taller and thinner, so they can fit easily in cabinets. The spices Onion of My Dreams and Not Your Mother’s are only the beginning of her journey, and you can find them in all six of our stores and Farm + Muse’s website!