8Myles Launches Family Size Mac N' Cheese

Ever since Myles, the CEO and Founder of 8Myles Mac N’ Cheese discovered his love for food, he wanted to share his passion with the rest of the world. 8Myles takes pride in providing customers with gourmet comfort food that focuses on bringing the entire family together. Myles is fulfilling his mission with his new product line of Family Size Mac N’ Cheese. 8Myles has launched two flavors in this new size: Homestyle and Buffalo Chick’n Mac N’ Cheese. 

From a young age, Myles loved food. Myles describes his family as complete foodies. All of his family members, especially his parents and grandparents, made delicious homemade meals that left him in awe. It was these amazing meals that propelled him to want to cook. After learning the basics, he quickly realized making food and sharing food was his passion. In 2012, he started a food blog where he shared his thoughts and recipes with an online community. His blog is what got him on “America’s Best Cook,” a food network show for amateur cooks. Although he got eliminated early on in the competition, he recounts this experience as the moment he realized food was going to be the cornerstone of his career.

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 2.14.05 PMSince launching 8Myles Mac N’ Cheese in 2015, Myles has primarily focused on single-serving mac n’ cheese meals for consumers. But, customers were begging for more! This is when he decided to create the Family Size Mac N’ Cheese. Now families can enjoy a ready-to-go gourmet meal that is perfect for everyone. 

An exciting addition has been made to the traditional Buffalo Mac N’ Cheese. For the new Family Size Buffalo flavor, there is now plant-based chick’n in it! Myles, an avid meat eater, fondly remembers the amount of plant-based chick’n he tried to get his recipe just right. Before this product formulation experience, Myles was always skeptical of the taste of plant-based chick’n. Now, after trying dozens of different brands of chick’n, he realized chick’n can be as satisfying as real meat. He is really proud of this addition and believes both meat-free and meat-based eaters will find it filling and delicious.

When asked about the future of 8Myles, Myles is already crafting new products for his customers. He is currently working on fine tuning his product formulation for Mac N’ Cheese Bites. He tried launching this product last year, but quickly realized the manufacturing process took too much time. Demand was far larger than his supply. Now that he has expanded into more retailers, he is eager to figure out how to speed up the production process. Myles expects to have these Mac N’ Cheese Bites in stores by July of this year!

You can find 8Myles products in Union Kitchen Stores, Whole Foods, Mom’s Organics, Target, and many other retailers.