Cured and Crisp Bacon Launches new, keto-friendly flavor: Hibiscus Flower and Fennel

Cured and Crisp Bacon is the go to for high quality, flavorful bacon in the DC Metropolitan Area. Newest in the lineup of flavors is Hibiscus Flower and Fennel, a tart and tangy spice blend without sugar, making it keto-friendly.

Chef Eron Picus has a passion for pork, and his take on this traditional food stays true to the source while adding just the right seasoning to make it really, really good. When Eron met wife Sarah – on a blind date arranged by their moms, by the way – the two never imagined they’d end up in the bacon business. Today, Cured & Crisp is the go-to source for quality bacon in the greater D.C. Metropolitan area – a farm-to-fingers dream come true.

Cured and Crisp starts with pork belly thoughtfully sourced from Ozark Mountain Berkshire Cooperative. Cut into 3 pound portions, the pork cures up to 5 days in their signature spice blends. Once rinsed, it is hot smoked at around 165˚ for about 2 hours – long enough to render the right amount of fat and ind infuse an unforgettable flavor. Then it is cooled, sliced, sealed and sent on its way.

Ozark Mountain Berkshire Cooperative is a group of 30 family farms raising 100% Berkshire pigs, on pasture and antibiotic free. No gestation crates. 

Available in the flavors: Chinese Five Spice, Big Chris’ Bethany Beach Breakfast Bacon, It Ain’t Pastrami It’s Bacon, and the new Hibiscus Flower and Fennel, Cured and Crisp Bacon can be purchased on their website here or at your local Union Kitchen Grocery!

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