Cured & Crisp's Fresh Farm to Finger Bacon

Cured & Crisp all started with a sizzlin’ blind-date between Chef’s Eron and Sarah Picus that evolved into a life and business partnership.  Eron has had a passion for food since a young age that stems from seeing the joy food brings to people. Eron followed his passion and spent two decades working at some of the finest restaurants and resorts in the northeast.  Sarah shares the same passion for food as Eron and does a great job at paying attention to the details to compliment Eron’s big ideas. Sarah spends much of her time sourcing ingredients to ensure the highest quality bacon.

Cured & Crisp is changing the way we look at bacon and food. through sustainable production, personal connections with suppliers, and freshly making each order.  Cured & Crisp is proving that pork is not just a commodity, but an animal that should be treated with respect from birth to your table.

Cured & Crisp’s bacon begins with pork that is sourced from The Ozark Mountain Berkshire Cooperative.  Once the highest quality Berkshire pigs are chosen, Eron and Sarah work their magic by curing the pork in a five-spice rub for five days and later smoking the bacon for two hours to get the perfect amount of rendering.  After that it is cooled, sliced, and ready to be delivered to your door. Yes, you heard that right! Bacon, delivered to your doorstep.

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