Dave's Bakery Launches with Foodservice Granola

After launching a successful line of pies through the brand Lord of the Pies, founder Dave will be adding on a line of foodservice granola for cafes and stores under the brand Dave’s Bakery. 


In 2015, Dave made the jump from a 9-5 to launch his pie business. His product launched to rave reviews and excitement from people around the city. Since then, Lord of the Pies has joined the Union Kitchen Accelerator and launch additional product lines to provide his customers a delicious, indulgent treat. 


He’s taking the same lessons he is learning from his pie businesses and using it to add on additional product lines like granola. Dave is excited to create a high-quality granola that both customers and retailers will love! You can find it incorporated in the parfait at Union Kitchen Grocery and other cafes and storefronts city-wide.

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