Clark's Cubes launches coffee!

After listening to customer feedback, Clark’s Cubes is rebranding and adding several new products! The new coffee cubes expand upon the current offerings and allows customers the same convenience without the waste that his tea cubes offered. 

Clark’s Cubes was started after founder Chris realized the amount of waste single-use plastic beverages created. Determined to find a solution he created the tea cube - an innovative way to have tea on the go, without the waste! The cubes are simple to use, just drop one in a hot or cold cup of water and have a fresh cup of tea in less than a minute. 

Since it’s initial launch in November of 2018 Chris has been tinkering with ways to create a coffee product that is comparable to similar options in the same convenient format. The new flavors of Black, Vanilla, and Mocha Coffee Cubes promise customers a delicious alternative to their current packaged options! Look for the new lines in Union Kitchen and other various stores around Washington DC and beyond.

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