Blacknerd Coffee Joins The Caffeine Scene!

Calling all coffee lovers! Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, BlackNerd Coffee has officially launched into the market! For Annie and Elliot Carter, the husband and wife behind BlackNerd Coffee, the search for the perfect black coffee was not just a quest for a caffeine fix, it was an exploration of the intricate and fascinating world of coffee.

Annie and Elliot are now complete with Phase One of Four of the Union Kitchen Accelerator, during which they nailed down the conceptual and technical elements of their business and launched their product into Union Kitchen retail locations. They have completed the first steps in starting a successful food business and are following in the footsteps of Union Kitchen Accelerator Members like Snacklins, Compass Coffee, and Maspanadas, all DC-based manufacturing companies valued over $15 million!

As Annie and Elliot delved deeper into the science of coffee, they realized that they were not alone in this obsession. The couple discovered a community of coffee nerds who shared their passion and were equally fascinated by the complex flavors and aromas of the humble coffee bean. Together, they experimented with different brewing methods, roasting techniques, and bean varieties, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was possible with coffee. Annie and Elliot's obsession soon turned into a mission to share their knowledge and expertise with coffee lovers, and BlackNerd Coffee was born. Today, BlackNerd Coffee is not just a coffee company, it's a community of coffee nerds who are united by their love of coffee and their desire to explore its infinite possibilities.

Not only does BlackNerd Coffee serve up a mean cup of joe, but they also love to nerd out on all things coffee. They're all about sharing their coffee knowledge with customers, because they know that a cup of coffee isn't just a drink, it's a whole experience. So whether you're a coffee newb or a seasoned pro, they'll help you find the perfect blend and brewing method to satisfy your palate.

The Union Kitchen ecosystem is allowing them to not only make, move, and sell their delicious coffee beans, but will set them up to continue to grow regionally (and beyond)!  The journey of starting a local business in the food industry is no cakewalk, but BlackNerd Coffee's story reflects the passion, commitment, and perseverance required to turn your passion into a product. BlackNerd Coffee is shaking up the coffee scene and rapidly becoming a cherished staple in the local coffee community.