Effervescence and Indonesian Delights combine! 🇮🇩

Greetings, tea enthusiasts and food entrepreneurs! The latest buzz in the tea world is that Aji Tea, founded by Aji Sunjaya, is launching two new flavors: Sparkling Honey Jasmine Green Tea and Sparkling Lychee Honey Black Tea. Let's dive into the rich origin story of Aji Tea and discover how Aji's passion for tea has blossomed into a thriving business.

Aji Sunjaya's journey with tea dates back to his childhood in Indonesia, where he grew up sipping tea with every meal. Fast forward 25 years, and Aji found himself in the United States, making a living as a barber. However, he couldn't help but feel disappointed with the tea options available in his new home. Missing the authentic flavors of his childhood, Aji decided to take matters into his own hands and embarked on a mission to create a tea that captured the essence of Indonesian culture.

However, building a business from scratch is never easy, and Aji faced numerous challenges on his tea-making journey. The shift from barber to tea entrepreneur came with its share of obstacles, from sourcing quality ingredients to perfecting the brewing process (even the bottles had to be perfected). Enter Union Kitchen, whose Accelerator provided the infrastructure, mentorship, and community that helped Aji overcome hurdles and turn his passion for tea into a flourishing business.

Let's celebrate the remarkable journey of Aji Sunjaya and the entire Aji Tea family, as they continue to infuse the essence of Indonesian culture into every cup. With the launch of the enticing Sparkling Honey Jasmine Green Tea and Sparkling Lychee Honey Black Tea, Aji Tea not only marks a significant milestone but also invites tea enthusiasts to embark on a flavorful adventure. Here's to the ongoing success, endless innovation, and the shared joy that Aji Tea brings to our community.