Packaging Mistakes Newbies Makes (But Shouldn't)

Even the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs can make packaging mistakes that may hinder their success. In a recent article published in Packaging Digest, Union Kitchen Vice President Elena Rosenblum sheds light on three common packaging errors made by newbies and provides valuable insights on how to avoid them. 

Packaging is storytelling; it is how a business communicates who they are, and the value they bring to the consumer. Elena states, "One of the most compelling ways to distinguish your product is through packaging. Everything — from shape, size, and colors — impacts consumer perception". Packaging can easily drive purchases, but can as easily do the opposite. 

Elena discusses three of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when they first start their journey. The first one being too many callouts, the article states, "When designing your packaging, less is more. Too much information leads to consumers disengaging and not absorbing your messaging". Number two is hiding the flavor, Elena says "Taste reins king when it comes to purchasing decisions — especially repeated purchasing, a frequent mistake in food packaging is over-emphasizing dietary attributes at the cost of highlighting taste."

The last discusses the importance of visuals and ignoring the harmonization of colors with flavors. Overtime people naturally come to associate certain colors with flavor, for example yellow with lemon, and purple with grape. Elena argues that, "By matching packaging colors with product flavors, you create an easy visual guide for the consumer, simplifying the decision-making process and improving the overall experience of the product".

By actively avoiding these common mistakes, entrepreneurs can communicate the right messages to customers and drive sales. Check out the full article here - 3 Packaging Mistakes Newbies Make (But Shouldn't).