Diplomatic Delights: The Flavorful Rise of Fritters & Roast

    Exciting news is brewing in the heart of Washington, D.C.'s vibrant food scene! Fritters & Roast, the brainchild of Oluwatobi Osobukola-Abubu, has been spotlighted by Nourish DC, a collaborative partnership dedicated to fostering a robust local food ecosystem. This recognition underscores Fritters & Roast's commitment to creating healthier neighborhoods, driving economic prosperity, and providing high-quality jobs in the District.

    Fritters & Roast's story is as rich and flavorful as the dishes they serve. Oluwatobi Osobukola-Abubu's journey began when she arrived in DC as part of a Nigerian diplomatic mission. Entranced by the city's energy and opportunities for her family, she decided to make it her home. Fuelled by a passion for her native Nigerian cuisine and armed with a vision to introduce its authentic flavors to DC's diverse palate, Abubu embarked on a remarkable venture.

    Central to Fritters & Roast's success is the supportive ecosystem provided by Union Kitchen. Abubu acknowledges the invaluable assistance she received, enabling her to transform her culinary dreams into reality. Leveraging Union Kitchen's resources and modern infrastructure, Fritters & Roast emerged as a thriving CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) business specializing in Zobo, a delightful Nigerian hibiscus beverage.

    The recent nod from Nourish DC is a testament to Abubu's unwavering dedication and the exceptional quality of Fritters & Roast's offerings. It's a well-deserved recognition for a trailblazer who has seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, enriching DC's culinary landscape in the process.

    As food enthusiasts and local business advocates, let's join in celebrating Oluwatobi Osobukola-Abubu's achievements and the delectable creations of Fritters & Roast. Why not treat yourself to an authentic taste of Nigeria right here in DC? Head over to Fritters & Roast, and experience the magic for yourself. After all, great food is best enjoyed when shared with great company!