California Dreaming and Empanada Scheming: Margarita Wows Expo West's Pitch Slam!

    Exciting news is brewing in the world of savory delights as Margarita Womack, the passionate founder and CEO of MasPanadas, had the chance to pitch her empanadas business at Expo West's Pitch Slam! This fast-paced event, set in Anaheim, CA, is a platform for standout emerging brands to showcase their culinary innovations to a captivated audience. Margarita's inspiring journey shows what is possible when passion, knowledge, and the Union Kitchen ecosystem come together.

    Margarita's ascent to the Expo West stage was paved with dedication and strategic growth, thanks in part to her participation in the Union Kitchen accelerator program.  From refining her recipes to mastering the intricacies of scaling operations, this program provided Margarita with invaluable support and guidance as she navigated the intricate phases of building a successful food business. Now, Margarita stands as a bonafide Union Kitchen success who is currently in the fourth phase: scale.

    Having conquered the local market, Margarita is looking to go national. To do this, Margarita is focusing on expanding the reach and impact of the business, leveraging strategic partnerships, and scaling production to meet growing demand. Margarita's participation in this phase equipped her with the tools and insights needed to propel MasPanadas onto the national stage, making her pitch at Expo West's Pitch Slam a natural progression in her entrepreneurial journey.

    While Margarita's moment in the spotlight at Expo West may have passed, there's still plenty of opportunity to experience the delicious flavors of MasPanadas. Whether it's enjoying a savory snack or sharing a meal with loved ones, let's savor the taste of success and celebrate Margarita's culinary journey. After all, every bite of MasPanadas is a testament to the passion and dedication of its founder. Cheers to Margarita Womack and the delicious legacy of MasPanadas!