Walt's Waffle Buns Launch at Union Kitchen

There is more in common with building buildings and building successful food businesses than you might think. Just ask Chi, the self proclaimed recovering architect and founder of Walt’s Waffle Buns

Chi has always loved finding simple solutions through design to complex problems. It’s why he became an architect in the first place. After biting into a particularly messy breakfast sandwich, Chi knew, like the buildings he designed, that there had to be a better way. 

And thus Walt’s Waffles Buns were born, waffles specifically designed and crafted to make sure there are no more boring and messy sandwiches. 

Named after Chi’s second born son Walt, the passion for family and food was deeply ingrained in Chi’s upbringing. After moving to the United States from Hong Kong with his family at the age of five, Chi learned the importance of risk, hard work and the power of food to bring people together from his parents who owned a Chinese takeout restaurant that acted as his second home. 

As a father of three young boys, Chi discovered the need for a more exciting alternative to the traditional white bread that is typically used to craft sandwiches. Walt’s Waffles Buns perfectly combines the taste and texture of a classic fluffy waffle with the functionality of a sandwich bun. The Waffle Buns can be used for classic chicken and waffles, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, burgers, or even ice cream sandwiches. Whether you have an extreme sweet tooth or you prefer a savory sensation, Walt’s Waffles Buns are perfectly architected to provide support for your favorite sandwich fillings. 

Walt’s Waffle Buns is launching their waffle buns as an add-on to sandwiches in our stores and a waffle and pancake mix for even more DIY waffle building fun. With plans to disrupt the current sandwich making industry,  if you are looking for an exciting new way to combine the familiar taste and texture of waffles with a fun dining experience, then Walt’s Waffles are for you!

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