Vegetable + Butcher Opens New Production Facility in Maryland

Congratulations to Vegetable + Butcher for opening a new production facility in Maryland!

Vegetable + Butcher founders, Ariane Valle and Turner Hoff, joined our Accelerator program shortly after launching their healthy, nutritious, and locally-sourced meal subscription service to market. They first produced their meals in our commercial kitchen, then expanded into a four pod set up, and finally built their own production space to keep up with consumer demand. Both Ariane and Turner are continuing to achieve their mission by helping customers reestablish a meaningful connection with food; food that is grown organically and sourced with the seasons, that is great tasting and genuinely healthy, and that is prepared and served with complete transparency.

With Ariane’s experience in the food industry and Turner’s expertise in business and finance, the duo has been able to create a highly successful company. Vegetable + Butcher is one of our Phase Four: Scale brands, meaning they are making yearly revenues of over $1,000,000. In order to keep up with their growing demand, the Vegetable + Butcher team is expanding their production space from 8,000 square feet to 46,000 square feet. That means this new production space is 475% larger than their last facility. 

Vegetable + Butcher hopes to utilize this space to further propel their growth. They are aiming to grow their client base in the Mid-Atlantic region by specifically targeting Annapolis and Baltimore. 

Again, congratulations to the Vegetable + Butcher team! We can’t wait to see you grow into new market opportunities.