Vegetable And Butcher: Owning Manufacturing & Finding Success

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member Vegetable and Butcher is growing! Founded by Ariane Valle (the vegetarian) and Turner Hoff (the meat eater), Vegetable and Butcher began its journey with a simple yet powerful vision – to provide nourishing, wholesome, and delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Their goal was to make delicious and nutritious foods accessible. Through their work with the Union Kitchen Accelerator Team, Ariane and Turner owned their manufacturing from the very beginning, building out their process in the Union Kitchen shared kitchen space. They rapidly outgrew the space, as after focusing on hyper-local growth were able to open their facility.

By leveraging the Union Kitchen Ecosystem, Ariane and Turner have owned their manufacturing from the beginning, making them the masters of their process, granting them control over the direction of their brand. Vegetable and Butcher have AGAIN outgrown their manufacturing space, and the company is now set to move its headquarters to a new 32,000 square foot facility in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. This strategic decision promises to bring significant growth opportunities for the company and the region's economy.

The move to Maryland was made possible by the approval of generous loans and grants from both the state and county, amounting to nearly $1 million. This financial backing is a testament to the recognition and support Vegetable and Butcher has gained for its innovative approach to providing healthy, convenient, and locally sourced meals. The relocation to Upper Marlboro will enable Vegetable and Butcher to quadruple its existing space, facilitating increased production capacity and overall efficiency. The company's leaders view this expansion as a crucial step in realizing their vision of making nutritious, chef-prepared meals more accessible to individuals and families throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Additionally, these financial resources will empower the company to create approximately 184 new jobs within the next three years, a significant boost to the local job market. This ambitious hiring plan represents more than triple the current 56-person headcount, signaling the company's intent to play a key role in driving economic growth in the region.

Vegetable and Butcher are an example of how owning manufacturing and following a phased approach to growth allows companies to have stronger margins and in turn achieve profitability fast and more consistently than their peers.

Vegetable and Butcher's remarkable journey from a hyper-local meal delivery service to a growing culinary force exemplifies the potential for success when passion, dedication, and community support come together. Ariane and Turner are making things people want, owning their manufacturing, and building to last. By staying true to their mission of providing nourishing and wholesome meals while supporting local farmers and suppliers, they have carved a special place in the hearts and plates of their customers and are poised for continuous growth in the future!