Taste the Smoky (Mmm Eats) Goodness of Texas Barbeque, Plant-Based Style!

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Smoky Mmm Eats has officially launched! Founded by Chelse Prejean, this innovative company is on a mission to provide customers with nourishing plant-based meats that not only prioritize natural ingredients and sustainable packaging but also deliver the mouthwatering taste of Texas barbeque. Chelse worked closely with the Union Kitchen Accelerator team on her mission, strategy, and products to find clear direction for her brand and successfully launched a market ready product!

Chelse Prejean, the brilliant mind behind Smoky Mmm Eats, grew up in the heart of barbeque country: Texas. As a child, she fondly recalls the cherished moments spent with her father, who imparted the art of grilling and smoking meats to her. The flavors and aromas that wafted from the grill were a quintessential part of her childhood, creating lasting memories and a deep appreciation for Texas barbeque.

Motivated by a desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle, Chelse made the decision to go plant-based. However, as she embarked on her journey, she discovered a noticeable absence in the world of plant-based meats: that distinct barbeque taste. It was this realization that sparked her entrepreneurial spirit and given her background as an engineer, naturally she wanted to find a solution to bridge the gap between delicious, smoky barbeque and plant-based alternatives, and thus Smoky Mmm Eats was born! 

Smoky Mmm Eats has leveraged the resources available at Union Kitchen to take her idea and turn into a market ready CPG product. Chelse has now completed Phase One of Four of the Accelerator program during which she worked with the Union Kitchen Team to solidify her mission and core values, scaled her manufacturing in the shared commercial kitchen space, and has now joined distribution and will be launching into Union Kitchen stores! During Phase Two she will test product market fit, connect with local customers to gather feedback, and focus on growing her sales in the regional market! 

After extensive research, development, and countless taste tests, Chelse successfully launched Smoky Mmm Eats. With a commitment to quality and taste, she crafted a range of plant-based meats infused with the unmistakable flavors of Texas barbeque. From tender chicken, to succulent brisket, and smoky andouille sausage, every product is carefully crafted to provide a delightful eating experience for both long-time barbeque enthusiasts and those venturing into the plant-based realm for the first time.

Smoky Mmm Eats stands out not only for its focus on taste but also for its dedication to sustainability. Chelse understands the importance of using natural ingredients and minimizing the environmental impact of packaging. As a result, the company utilizes eco-friendly materials, ensuring that customers can savor their favorite barbeque flavors while also contributing to a healthier planet.

Chelse Prejean's passion for a more sustainable lifestyle and her determination to fill a void in the plant-based meat market led to the creation of Smoky Mmm Eats. With a commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, Smoky Mmm Eats is set to redefine the plant-based meat experience, and most importantly making no sacrifices when it comes to flavor!