Sweet News: Simple Pleasures Joins Rainforest Distribution!

Union Kitchen Accelerator Members, Simple Pleasures, is on a mission to satisfy your sweet tooth! Terri and Rodney Russell started Simple Pleasures because of their passion for creating delicious ice cream full of bold flavor. By working closely with Union Kitchen, Simple Pleasures has launched a market ready product in Phase One, and tested product market fit through Phase Two, growing from the local to regional market. These are the beginning steps in building a successful food business, and they are now seeing these benefits as they expand regionally by joining Rainforest Distribution!

Terri and Rodney spent a decade stationed in Europe with the Airforce. Their culinary adventures inspired them to want to bring the amazing flavors they encountered back to the States. They realized that real ingredients were the key to creating the bold flavors they desired. After getting stationed back in the States, the pair returned with a suitcase full of flavor ideas that would make their product better than anything on the market. They began by selling their delicious ice cream out of their mobile ice cream cart in Florida where they interacted directly with the customers, gaining feedback and quite a loyal following. They knew they had something special when people begged them to ship their ice cream across the country. 

Terri and Rodney didn't want their scoops to rely on cookies, candy, or fillers that many name brand ice creams are stuffed with; they wanted the ice cream itself to be the star of the show and oh boy did they nail it! Launching with some fan favorites like coffee cardamom, honey almond, vanilla, and chocolate, Simple Pleasures is proving that "simple" flavors can be anything but.  

It's amazing to see how far Simple Pleasures has come since the days of selling ice cream out of their mobile cart. By owning their own manufacturing, having a growth mindset, and being open to consumer feedback these DC based entrepreneurs are building to last! Simple Pleasures is joining other Union Kitchen Accelerator Members that have already grown regionally and beyond like Compass Coffee, Caribe Juice, and Maspanadas, who are all valued at well over $15 million.  

Simple Pleasures is celebrating this major milestone as the best way to kick off 2023 - moving from the local to the regional market. The cherry on top of years of hustle fueled by a passion for ice cream!