Sweet Kiwi launches in 1900 Kroger locations

We would like to extend a huge congratulations to Sweetkiwi for launching their frozen yogurts in 1,900 Kroger locations!

Sweetkiwi is an award-winning, DC-based food business specializing in frozen yogurts. It was first launched in Nigeria by Ehime Eigbe and her husband Michael Akindele. Ehime started researching healthier dessert options back in 2009, when she realized that a majority of ice creams came with artificial flavors. Her mission was to create frozen desserts using the highest quality ingredients without compromising the taste. Her own recipes of frozen yogurt quickly grew in popularity.

Sweetkiwi joined Union Kitchen’s accelerator program in 2018. It wasn’t long before Sweetkiwi had a packaged product and various US-based companies took notice of her frozen yogurts. Her products became available in the mid-Atlantic through deals with Whole Foods, Union Kitchen and Walmart. 

Sweetkiwi has achieved great success, but the path has not always been smooth. Ehime went through numerous trials to get her company to where it is today. One challenge was developing the right packaging. Initially, Ehime and Michael tried a shorter and wider version of the standard American pint. They found out that consumers thought they were getting less product, even though it was the same amount. From this feedback, Ehime adapted and crafted a package that appealed to consumer needs. This challenge reflects Sweetkiwi’s philosophy in overcoming and growing a successful business.

Ehime said in an interview, “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are where sometimes you find that diamond.” That sometimes is now. Ehime and Sweetkiwi have definitely found that diamond. We are very excited for her as Sweetkiwi begins the next chapter of its story with this phenomenal launch.