I Can't Believe it's Keto Butter: Revol Snax Launches Line of Nut Butters

Dave Birsen and Nadine Calderon, founders of Revol Snax, started their journey to food entrepreneurship when they were dissatisfied customers looking for an alternative. Both cared deeply about living a healthy lifestyle, but struggled to find truly delicious products that would satisfy their sweet tooth. They constantly found themselves deciding between eating sugary snacks or eating bland health foods labeled as dessert. After crafting some delicious healthy alternatives in their kitchen, the pair realized they could turn their passion into a business, and Revol Snax was born!

Since Revol Snax launched with Union Kitchen two years ago, the company has grown into an established brand with a product line that includes delicious keto-friendly snack bites. Now, Dave and Nadine are taking things to the next level by introducing their newest product, their Nut Butter line!

The Revol Snax nut butters come in two flavors: Vanilla Cookie Cream and Hazelnut Cacao. Made with just 8 simple, easy to pronounce ingredients and sweetened with monk fruit, these new nut butters are so delicious they effortlessly replace classic staples like Nutella. They are creamy, smooth, and the perfect addition to fruits, snacks, or even your morning breakfast!

Before founding Revol Snax, Dave and Nadine had a strong passion for food. “We love food because it nourishes the body and gives us energy to explore, create, and enjoy life. We like to think of food as medicine when the correct type is chosen for your body.” When the two met, Dave was working full time for the Food and Drug Administration. “What drew us to the food industry is a genuine need for innovation in the packaged food space. We know many people are frustrated by the lack of snack options that enable a healthy lifestyle without all the sugar and processed carbs. Lastly, we believe food is fundamental to health and well-being and want to be part of the ongoing revolution that enables consumers to live healthier lifestyles.”

After years of building their customer base around one product, launching a new line of products was certainly a challenge. With an already established brand around the country, introducing a new line of products to their customers meant a lot of time and consideration. The team did not want to introduce a product that would disappoint their loyal customer base. They wanted to ensure they could stay true to their mission and impress their fans with a whole new keto snack experience. Because Revol Snax manufactures their products at Union Kitchen, the team had the flexibility to conduct their own research and development and test the products before they officially brought them to market.

Now, with their final iteration complete, Revol Snax is excited to bring their new nut butter experience to market. Consumers can find Revol Snax Nut Butters in Union Kitchen stores and online today.