New Product Alert! Mac N' Cheese Bites

Myles Powell, founder of 8Myles, was raised in a family of foodies and entrepreneurs. That’s why it is not much of a surprise that when he grew up, he was drawn to entrepreneurship and the idea of founding his own food business. With a constantly busy family, Myles says it was food that brought everyone together. But It wasn’t just any food. It was gourmet, crave-able comfort food. 

Since 8Myles launched in Union Kitchen stores back in 2018, the company has grown into an established brand with a product line that includes gourmet Mac N’ Cheeses in the frozen section (available at Target) and a line of hand-crafted fruit-based BBQ sauces. Now the brand is looking to take things one step further and introduce their newest product, Mac N’ Cheese bites! (and boy are they addicting)

The Mac N’ Cheese bites come in three flavors: Three Cheese, Buffalo, and BBQ. The bites are breaded and baked to perfection. Found in the freezer aisle, the Mac N’ Cheese bites, make the perfect easy meal baked in your oven, or for the ultimate experience, fried in a frying pan.

Long before Myles’ products were in Target and before he was even dreaming of Mac N’ Cheese Bites, Myles was a kid freshly out of college with a passion for food. This passion led him to The Food Network, where he was a contestant on a show called America’s Best Cooks. During his time on the show he fell back in love with the world of cooking that he loved from his childhood. That experience was the catalyst for launching 8Myles. Between Myles’ passion for food and the entrepreneurial spirit he exudes, he was destined to build a successful food business, one creamy and crave-able bite at a time. 

Myles, who considers himself a sauce man of sorts, first began experimenting with fruit-based BBQ sauces. Anyone else intrigued by Mango Magic? It was not until after his experience on The Food Network that he felt he was ready to share his sauces and creativity with the world. Once Myles joined the Accelerator at Union Kitchen he discovered he could combine his flavorful sauces with comfort foods he grew up with, to create a better frozen Mac N’ Cheese experience. Now as he is launching his third product line with Union Kitchen, his bites are the ultimate example of how testing and iteration can lead to making things people want!

As a bonafide entrepreneur, Myles’ competitive advantage is how he has mastered the art of the hustle. “Running a local business in the food industry takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and grit,” Myles explained. “You also have to have a bit of the crazy gene.” What keeps him going through all of the ups and downs of founding his own company is that he soaks up motivation like a sponge so that even during the tough times, he is propelled by his passion. 

8Myles new Mac N’ Cheese Bites are now available in all five Union Kitchen Stores in the freezer section.