Milk Cult is Starting an Ice Cream Revolution

Just like Milk Cult, Ed Cornell and Pat Griffith were born and raised in Washington, D.C. Since narrowing in on their ice cream sandwiches two years, they’ve grown from a local pop-up to a multi-regional business servicing nearly 200 stores up and down the East Coast. And they are adding three new Whole Foods regions late summer!

Ed started his career in construction and Pat in kitchens, where they quickly learned what it takes to build a business from the ground up. After a long day of work in the sun and behind the grill, Ed and Pat loved treating themselves to ice cream...but they quickly grew tired of the boring options and stale taste.

There began Ed and Pat’s dream of founding a better ice cream company. They started saving everything they could and, after a few years, had enough to make their dream a reality. The rest is history.

Ed and Pat’s ice cream was a sensation! Customers went wild for their ice cream sandwiches. These original “Cultists” spread the word about Ed and Pat’s sandwiches: not only did they taste great, but they used familiar, wholesome ingredients that everyone knew and loved.

Through word of mouth, Milk Cult grew quickly—almost too quickly—and Ed and Pat’s biggest problem was keeping up with demand. They would spend all day making ice cream sandwiches, but their customers kept growing and growing! They needed help to expand their production capacity. 

Union Kitchen helped them streamline their production, invest in new equipment, and make way more ice cream sandwiches. The new process supercharged production and, today, Milk Cult makes over 750 ice cream sandwiches per day—nearly 20x more than before!

This allowed Ed and Pat to expand up the East Coast and introduce even more people to Milk Cult! They are looking forward to adding more Whole Foods accounts soon. 

Author: Alexander Robinson

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