MasPanadas in Miami 😎 Margarita Shares Exciting story of Success at Angeles Investors Q1 Pitch Night

Margarita Womack, founder and CEO of MasPanadas, recently shared exciting news at Angeles Investors Q1 Pitch Night in Miami: her company experienced an impressive 600% retail growth in 2023. Another victory under her belt, Margarita's entrepreneurial journey and the remarkable success of MasPanadas, aided by the Union Kitchen Accelerator, is an inspiring tale worth reading about.

Margarita's journey began in Colombia, where her family made the decision to flee the turmoil wrought by the FARC Guerilla group while she was still in college studying biology. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Margarita's path towards resilience and success. Despite the challenges, she went on to pursue her PhD in Biology from Tulane University in Louisiana, developing critical thinking skills invaluable in her culinary career.

With a background in science, particularly in food chemistry, Margarita felt drawn to the culinary arts as a means of expressing her Colombian heritage. Thus, MasPanadas emerged as her brainchild, with a mission to introduce the world to the authentic flavors of Latin America, one empanada at a time.

Recognizing the need to augment her culinary prowess with business acumen, Margarita enrolled in the Union Kitchen Accelerator. The program provided her with a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the unique challenges of the food industry. Through workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and networking events, Margarita honed her business instincts and learned vital skills such as financial management, marketing strategies, and supply chain optimization. Moreover, the program fostered a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs and seasoned mentors, providing Margarita with guidance and inspiration as she navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Margarita's dedication and newfound expertise bore fruit in 2023 when MasPanadas experienced an unprecedented surge in its retail line, boasting a staggering growth rate of nearly 600%. Her story underscores the transformative power of resilience, education, and community support in realizing entrepreneurial dreams. Here's to Margarita, MasPanadas, and the flavorful adventures that lie ahead!