Madjé’s Cookies Launches With Modern Twist on Classic Cookies

Madjé’s Cookies are here to challenge the conventional cookie and add a modern twist. Each cookie is a twist on the classics, adding spices and flavors from various regions of the world. If you aren’t daring enough to try the regionally inspired cookies, don’t worry Madjé’s Cookies also offers the classics 2.0. These are the classic cookies we’ve grown to know and love, but with more taste and satisfaction.

Founder, Madjé, grew up in Senegal eating and baking all sorts of French pastries. She moved to America to pursue a degree in architecture and eventually found herself working as a software engineer. It is her goal to enhance the classic American cookies by combining them with the flavors of various cultures she has travelled and been exposed to throughout her life.

It is Madjé’s Cookies goal to let you know that it’s OK to treat yourself because you deserve it!

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