Less is More: Finding Success with Single-Serve Snack Packaging

Revol co-founders Nadine and David have found great success selling their low-sugar, keto Coconut Truffles. They hope to continue their growth by taking advantage of the emerging consumer trend towards smaller, snack-sized packaging.

When Revol first entered retail locations earlier this year, they quickly found success by filling a wide-open gap in the packaged snack food industry. The existing market was brimming with products full of processed carbohydrates and sugar, but lacked snack options that would enable consumers to live a healthier lifestyle. Revol Snax, made from clean, honest ingredients with a low sugar content, provided an alternative that was delicious while remaining nutritionally dense.

Revol’s packaging for their original product line was comprised of resealable bags retailing for $6.99, each filled with eight coconut bites. Their bites came in four flavors: dark chocolate almond butter, double dark chocolate with cacao nibs, snickerdoodle, and matcha latte. This packaging was perfect for the customer who had already tried Revol Snax and knew which of the delicious flavors was their favorite. But their new line of bites is designed with the on-the-go snacker in mind, who may also be new to Revol and wanting to try different flavors. Each of these packs will include three coconut bites of one of their original flavors, making it the ideal convenient snack for the health-conscious consumer.

The decision by Revol to pursue a more portable snacking option is in line with current trends in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, which is shifting towards smaller packaging designed for consumers to eat in a single sitting. Additionally, this trend is strengthened by the affordability of smaller package sizes which translate to a lower threshold for purchase for the consumer. For example, Revol’s new snack-size packs will retail for $3.49 which is significantly less expensive than their eight pack. This lowers the barrier to entry for consumers to try their product for the first time or even sample a new flavor. Consumers may be more inclined to try Revol for the first time at this price, rather than spend $6.99 on a product that they have never had before.

Revol’s new snack packs are a prime example of a brand evolving to meet shifting consumer needs and demonstrates the impact that changes in packaging can have on growth. By paying attention to what customers want, Revol is able to encourage people to try their products for the first time and to capture additional sales from existing consumers who also want to take their tasty bites on-the-go.

Can you explain the evolution of your product packaging - from the beginning 8-bite packs to the new 3-bite packs? What was your reasoning behind adding this product line extension?
Our packaging strategy has evolved to meet the needs of both consumers and retailers. We launched Revol with our 8-bite (multi-serving) packs. Although there can be value to this approach, we received feedback that led us to launch a mini single-serve pouch option (3-bite packs). For a new brand trying to acquire first-time customers, the single-serve option lowers the barrier to entry. The lower price point (e.g. $3.49) makes it easier for customers to give it a try. Secondly, a smaller pack size demands less real estate on grocery store shelves. This makes for an easier pitch to new retailers to test them out because they require less shelf space. Ultimately, we would like both pack sizes to be available in stores— the small size to acquire new or “on-the-go” customers and the larger pack to offer a better deal for existing customers.

How has customer feedback since entering retail stores impacted your product/plans for Revol in the future?
Everything from taste to packaging has been impacted by customer feedback. For example we decided to remove stevia from our recipe based on sampling feedback. Local retail is a great way to obtain early feedback on a small scale. This has helped us improve our product before a nationwide e-commerce launch.

How is Revol balancing the consumer trends towards convenience and sustainability in packaging?
In the early stages of Revol we are more focused on providing convenience through our packaging  which has been improved with the single-serve option. We strive to be as eco friendly as possible in everything that we do so we envision our packaging evolving  to eco friendly materials in the future.

What are your plans for Revol? Goals for the Kickstarter? Post-kickstarter?
Our plan for Revol is to be the market leader in the low carb snack category. Our Kickstarter goal is to raise funding so that we can invest in packaging that will allow us to ship nationwide as well as raise awareness of our brand. We see the campaign as a way to establish true fans who will support our vision and drive our early successes in the e-commerce side.