GoMix Founders on Friendship, Entrepreneurship, and Hard Decisions

Lifetime best friends and co-founders of GoMix, Matt and Sava, dived head first into the food business after being unable to find a good tasting and healthy on-the-go snack. They wanted something that was convenient, delicious, and filling, to support their active lifestyles. After countless trials and many (many!) taste tests, Matt and Sava launched a line of superfood trail mix, using only raw, whole ingredients with no added sugars, oils, or salts.

Explore the journey of GoMix with Matt and Sava from concept to launch and beyond:

GoMix founders Matt Forkas and Sava Nedelcovych

GoMix founders Matt Forkas and Sava Nedelcovych

Did you always know that you wanted to start your own business?

Matt: I’ve known since I was in college that I wanted to be my own boss. Only until recently did I find a business and product that I’m extremely passionate about. I’ve found that when you can marry passion and mission together the path becomes more clear. Sava and I have been friends for a very long time and have constantly brainstormed. Once I had a foundation for GoMix, I shared my ideas and it all grew from there!

Sava: Yes! Matt and I are always coming up with new ways to make extra money and fix people’s problems in a useful way. Currently we’re running GoMix while watching dogs, selling gym packages, delivering food, and ubering to support ourselves.

Why did you start your business?

Matt: To help people snack smarter and cleaner. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and I decided to try and make it myself.

What do you like about food? What drew you to the food industry?

Matt: Food is one of the few industries that relies around a basic need. It will never go away and there is a lot of space for companies to share success. It’s not something that is hard to explain to people.

Sava: It’s delicious and it tells a story. My family is Eastern European and everything is told through food. My favorite thing is how many cultural problems can be solved by a good meal. I would recommend watching (Ugly Delicious) on Netflix.

What’s the biggest business challenge you’ve faced to date?

Matt : Whether or not to order bulk amounts of our cardboard boxes. I wanted to minimize risk and get a lower amount to test out the companies capabilities. But I ended up getting a much better price for ordering 15x the amount. It was worth it because it brought our costs from 3.30 a box to 0.99 and our boxes look spectacular.

GoMix can be used as a snack or an addition to everyday meals

GoMix can be used as a snack or an addition to everyday meals

What does your typical day look like?

Matt: Everyday is different, but typically both of us are setting up meetings, following up, ordering more product, designing new flavors, making product at Union Kitchen, and creating strategies for our next phases.

Sava: A million phone calls and samples dropped off everywhere.

How did you get into your first store?

Matt: Getting into our first store wasn’t that hard for us. We researched specialty stores that we were interested in selling at and started canvassing. This was back when we were doing things all on our own. Eventually we found LOKL in Mclean, VA and they brought us on board and gave us a shot.

Sava: Hustling. We dropped off lots of samples and followed up with 7-Elevens and Arlington Nutrition Center.

Healthy eating never looked better

Healthy eating never looked better

What was it like pitching your first buyer? Any tips/advice?

Matt: It was pretty nerve-wracking. We didn’t want to mess it up, but luckily we got to meet with someone who was really interested in what we were doing and believed in our mission. I would tell people to know what makes you different, what the market is like for your product, understand your pricing, and to live your mission.

Sava: Present what problem you’re solving and ask a ton of questions. Get them excited to sell your food product!

At what point did you consider your business “having made it”?

Matt: Not there just yet!

Sava: We’ll always be fighting till everyone has one of our Superfood Trail Mixes.

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