Gluten-Free Lovers Rejoice! Ingrid's Bakery Launches Fortified Flatbreads

In the quaint streets of Chestertown, Maryland, Ingrid Hansen's Bakery Figg's Ordinary once stood as a haven for gluten-free enthusiasts before closing its doors. Now, the family business is embarking on a new chapter in Washington, DC within the vibrant community of Union Kitchen. Rebranded as Ingrid's Bakery, Ingrid has launched a line of Gluten-Free Fortified Flatbreads. With Union Kitchen providing the necessary infrastructure and support, Ingrid's Bakery is wasting no time crafting a product that not only delights the palate but also nourishes the body, a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to quality and taste.

Ingrid's Bakery's journey from a café to a gluten-free CPG producer reflected a need to shift to meet the evolving food landscape and the needs of customers. Recognizing the increasing demand for gluten-free options, the food scene in DC and a desire to make a broader impact, the family behind Ingrid's Bakery made the bold decision to transition their focus. Their passion for promoting health and wellness drove them to reimagine their business model, leading to the formulation of a range of gluten-free products that could reach a wider audience beyond the confines of their café.

Central to Ingrid's Bakery's transformation is their partnership with Union Kitchen, a hub for food entrepreneurs that provides modern kitchen facilities and invaluable support. Union Kitchen's state-of-the-art kitchen infrastructure empowers Ingrid's Bakery to innovate and create their new line of Gluten-Free Power Crackers with ease. Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and surrounded by a community of like-minded food enthusiasts, Ingrid's Bakery has found the perfect environment to refine their recipes and bring their new vision to life.

Ingrid's Bakery's Gluten-Free Power Crackers is a cause for celebration not only for the family but also for the local food scene in DMV and beyond. Their dedication to quality, taste, and health is producing a product that not only delights the taste buds but also nourishes the body. It is also a testament to the thriving DC food scene that Union Kitchen is proud to be a part of.