Did Someone Say 8 Myles BBQ Mac?

What happens when you combine a premium BBQ sauce, noodles, and white cheddar cheese from a local dairy farm? Next level BBQ Mac ‘N Cheese! 8 Myles is launching a new flavor of their take-home Mac ‘N Cheese based on their sweet & smokey bbq sauce.

“It’s a unique item,” Myles Powell said, “that takes Mac to another level. I have a passion for all things comfort food and BBQ related so it was only right to mesh the (two) together.”

8 Myles started with a line of eight fruit-based sauces in March 2016 before expanding the comfort-focused offerings to include Mac ‘N Cheese in 2018. 8 Myles is now available up and down the East Coast, including in Target, Whole Foods Market, Balducci’s/Kings, and Giant/Peapod.

Myles’ passion for BBQ and comfort food comes from his childhood home. For the Powell family, comfort food wasn’t just something to eat. It was a passion to live for. “Mac ‘N Cheese, along with other comfort food items, is near and dear to my heart. It’s a nostalgic dish and it makes people smile,” Myles explained. 

This passion for comfort food would stay with Myles. After finishing college with a civil engineering degree, Myles decided to pursue a career in the food industry. And when Myles noticed a lack of convenient, quality food in the market, everything clicked. “My grand-pop is an entrepreneur and so are my parents. It’s in my blood,” Myles reflected, “I want to love what I do. I knew the traditional 9-5 path wouldn’t provide me with the sense of accomplishment, joy, and pride I sought after. I also love a challenge and what’s more challenging than starting and running your own business?”

This latest addition to the 8 Myles product line-up required finding the right balance of cheese to a sweet & smokey BBQ sauce. “You don’t want one flavor to overwhelm the other. Otherwise the product isn’t nearly as good,” Myles stated. He also explained that finding the perfect ratio was the most difficult part of perfecting the recipe. Myles had to do a lot of experimenting and trial and error before finding the perfect balance. 

Now available in stores and online, the new line of Mac ‘N Cheese joins the other two flavors, Buffalo and Three Cheese. Head down and give 8 Myles BBQ Mac ‘N Cheese a try. You’ll taste the hard work and passion that went into it. Or maybe that’s the BBQ sauce.

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