February Tasty Tidbits

It's March Already? Spring is coming! Here are February's updates:

Here at Union Kitchen, we pride ourselves on creating an ecosystem for CPG entrepreneurs to build their businesses to last. Did you know that we bring on 40 amazing entrepreneurs each year into our Accelerator? Our Spring Cohort starts next week so last chance before June to start your business with us!

Ecosystem Highlights:

Myles's Comfort Foods and MasPanadas Founders spoke at CPG Financing Month!
Margarita Womack of MasPanadas was named CEO of the Year by the Latin Times!
Our CEO Cullen Gilchrist was featured on Honeycomb Credit's Podcast!
Caroline Johnston of GreenIsland Bakery was on a roundtable discussion with the Secretary of State of Northern Ireland!
Cullen Gilchrist was featured on the Compass Natural "Coffee Talk" Podcast!
Our Experts
Cullen Gilchrist_2-jpg


Union Kitchen CEO and Founder Cullen Gilchrist featured on multiple podcasts!

Our Founder and CEO was featured on both the "Thank you, Come Again" Podcast from Honeycomb Credit as well as the "Coffee Talk" Podcast with Compass Natural! Cullen jumped on these shows to discuss the importance of owning your own manufacturing and how it gives brands an advantage in building towards profitability! Cullen also discussed Union Kitchen and our Ecosystem in Washington DC. Give them both a listen!

Accelerator Success Stories
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Margarita Womack of MasPanadas's accomplishments highlighted by the Latin Times!

She's done it again! The hits don't stop coming for Margarita Womack and MasPanadas as her accomplishments, including being named CEO of the Year award were highlighted by the Latin Times. Margarita adds this accolade to her growing cabinet of awards, including "Entrepreneur of the Year." She is a shining example of why owning your manufacturing and taking a phased approach to growth is a game-changer in the world of building a successful food business!

New Products Who Dis?!
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Ingrid's Bakery 🍞 

Been craving a nutrition-dense gluten-free option? Well now you can! Introducing Ingrid's Bakery and their delicious fortified flatbreads. Founded by Ingrid Hansen, Ingrid's Bakery will be crushing the gluten-free market one delicious baked good at a time!

Matet's Kitchen 👩‍🍳

Lumpia lovers rejoice! Matet's Kitchen launched their delicious Beef, Chicken, and Pork Lumpia! Now you can get authentic Filipino Lumpia at home so join them on a culinary adventure!

Pop's Praiseworthy Popcorn 🍿

Been craving incredible kettle corn on the go? Well now you can! Pop's Praiseworthy Popcorn launched their 3oz bags so you can get snacking on the best kettle corn right away! 

Pinsa.Love 🍕

Been craving Pinsa Love's Roman-inspired Pinsas for lunch? Well now you can! Pinsa.Love has launched their food service Pinsas and have landed a spot on Union Kitchen's menu!