Baby Bird Organic is launching to provide high-quality meals for toddlers and children

Baby Bird Organic is launching to help busy parents provide their children with nutritious, delicious, preservative-free meals, made with premium ingredients. Baby Bird’s founder always loved preparing meals for family and friends, and when her niece, Grace, was born she found a whole new audience to make meals for. In developing recipes and meals for Grace as a growing toddler, it became clear there was a need for organic, preservative-free children’s meals, thus Baby Bird was born!

Baby Bird is launching three new products that are made for toddlers between 4 to 12 months, but can be enjoyed by anyone. For babies between four to six months, there’s rainbow carrots. The stage 2 product, for babies between six to eight months, is pears and power greens. Last but not least, they are delivering Strawberry Chia pudding for babies aged nine to twelve months.

Keep an eye out for these new products launching in the next few months and follow @babybirdorganic on Instagram!

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