Myles's Comfort Food and MasPanadas Speaking at CPG Financing Month!

Attention, food entrepreneurs and local business enthusiasts! Here's some fantastic news straight from the culinary world. Margarita Womack, the mastermind behind MasPanadas, and Myles Powell, the founder of Myles's Comfort Food, are sharing their insights at Loft Growth Partners' CP Financing Month. For those eager to learn from successful entrepreneurs who have thrived within the Union Kitchen community, this event is a golden opportunity not to be missed.

Margarita and Myles  brought with them a wealth of knowledge garnered from their time in the Union Kitchen Accelerator Program and the Union Kitchen ecosystem. During their presentation, they generously shared insights and lessons learned, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of community support and collaboration. Margarita, for instance, spoke passionately about how the Union Kitchen network provided invaluable guidance on scaling her business while maintaining its authenticity. Meanwhile, Myles regaled the audience with anecdotes of how mentorship within the Union Kitchen community helped him navigate the complexities of food distribution and branding. Their stories serve as inspiring reminders of the importance of community in the journey of entrepreneurship.

Margarita and Myles' participation in Loft Growth Partners' CP Financing Month underscores the ethos of giving back that is deeply ingrained in the Union Kitchen philosophy. Just as they were once beneficiaries of a supportive community that imparted technical know-how and industry insights, they now find themselves in the role of mentors, passing down their hard-earned expertise to aspiring food entrepreneurs. It's a beautiful testament to the cyclical nature of support and empowerment within the Union Kitchen ecosystem, where success is measured not only by individual achievements but also by the collective progress of the community.

Let's extend our heartfelt congratulations to Margarita Womack and Myles Powell for their outstanding achievements and for representing the vibrant spirit of innovation within the food industry. Their presence at Loft Growth Partners' CP Financing Month serves as an guide to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, showcasing the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and community support.