The Verdict is In... Eat Pizza is the Best Pizza | Barstool Sports

For any pizza company, requesting Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, to review their pizza is essentially a request for a trial by fire. The eccentric pizza connoisseur is notorious as being one of the toughest pizza critics out there. Nevertheless, Union Kitchen’s own EatPizza had faith in their product and asked El Presidente to try their frozen pizza during one of his One Bite Pizza reviews. Their faith was well placed, as pizza’s harshest judge gave the pizza 7.2, among the highest of any reviewed frozen pizzas!

“It ain’t bragging if you can do it,” Dave Portnoy said of EatPizza’s boast that it’s the best frozen pizza on the market. 

Anyone who's eaten EatPizza before won’t be surprised by the high score.


EatPizza offers restaurant-quality pizza in just 11 minutes and is currently available in three styles: Three Cheese, Classic Margherita, and Wild Mushroom. EatPizza is also paired perfectly with your own toppings. Trust us - we’ve tried it many times, from meatballs to veggie*confetti pickled onions, there’s no going wrong. You can find the delicious frozen pizza in notable stores, such as Union Kitchen, Whole Foods Market, and Mom’s Organic Market

The story of EatPizza starts in the studio apartment of Andy Brown, founder of EatPizza. “There was no ventilation, and it was definitely unsafe,” Andy said in an interview with Washington City Paper. “But I held pizza nights every Monday.” After a suggestion by Union Kitchen’s CEO Cullen Gilchrist, Andy decided to turn his passion towards the frozen pizza market. Refining his pizza and business in Union Kitchen’s accelerator program, Andy’s EatPizza hit store shelves in 2017.

What exactly makes EatPizza so great? What separates it from other frozen pizzas, which usually score in 4.0s on Dave Portnoy’s scale? The answer, as always, lays entirely in the ingredients and how it’s made. The makers of EatPizza use handcrafted, high-moisture dough, which they hand toss and par bake so you get that crispiness out of the oven. They then top the pizza with high quality cheese, which can only be Grande cheese, and tomatoes, which can only be fresh California tomatoes. They then make sure to set the perfect cheese-to-tomato ratio. This prevents the pizza from becoming soggy and falling apart like so many other disappointing frozen pizza options.

With everyone being stuck at home, the importance of high-quality frozen food has never been more important. Why not trust the frozen pizza that El Presidente himself recommended? Head on down to Union Kitchen and other participating stores to get yourself a frozen pizza that will satisfy every time.  And check out the review for yourself here.

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