Snacklins Lands Investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank

Snacklins founder, Samy K, landed a deal for $250,000 from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank last night.

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Snacklins, the 80-calorie vegan pork rind, started as a happy little accident between Samy and his friends. It was a fun challenge to see if it was possible to make a healthy, crunchy snack. Turns out, it worked and became something much bigger. Growing from a snack shared between family and friends, Snacklins is now available across the country in locations like Whole Foods, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Thrive, and many more! They expanded to a new production facility in Rockville, Maryland where they’ve increased their production 30-fold to support their national expansion.

Keep an eye out for Snacklins as they continue to redefine the snacking space.

Snacklins on Shark Tank Washington DC Mark Cuban Product Launch Local Business