Snacklins is blowing up the snack category after opening up their own production facility and launching nationwide. Their products are distributed across the country and can be found in stores like Union Kitchen, Whole Foods, Walmart, and 7-Eleven. Snacklins recently expanded to a new production facility in Rockville, Maryland where they can increase their production 30-fold and support their national growth while still remaining part of the D.C. food ecosystem that was key to their success. 

How did Samy, a D.C. radio personality, become the Founder and Chief Snack Bagger of Snacklins? It all started as a “happy little accident.” After a bet between friends to create a vegan pork rind resulted in the first Snacklin, Samy knew he was onto something great. After making Snacklins for his friends and family, Samy began to grow his idea into a business. He joined Union Kitchen’s Accelerator program in 2017 where he began to develop his product, refine his recipe and flavors, iterate his packaging, and build out his production. 

In 2017 Snacklins got into their first major store—Whole Foods. Success in one Whole Foods led to expansion into four Whole Foods, then the entire Mid-Atlantic region, and now into multiple regions throughout the country. Expanding beyond the Washington, D.C. area became possible when Snacklins was picked up by UNFI, a national food distributor. Success with Whole Foods and UNFI led to Snacklins launching in other major accounts like Walmart and 7-Eleven.

Snacklins is changing snacking to be healthier while supporting the burgeoning D.C. food and beverage industry. They show that local companies with great ideas, grit, and the right partnerships can create successful products that people throughout the country want.

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